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What is entertaining literature?

Entertaining literature usually gives the main character a clear goal (catching the responsible for committing a crime, per instance) which is expected to be accomplished by the end. The main character faces adversities but overcomes them, which is satisfying to read. And even if we suspect that the main character will triumph over the challenges and the final test, this does not decrease the excitement of the story because as we relate to him we want him to be successful and we suffer whenever he faces danger. Besides, the mystery of not knowing what his destiny will bring is replaced by the intrigue of knowing how he will win: how will he defeat the seemingly unbeatable villain? How will he decode the seemingly undecipherable mystery? How will he enter the seemingly impregnable fortress?

For this the reason in commercial literature it is desirable for “things to happen”, for the story to move forward towards the accomplishment of the main character’s goal. New events produce mystery and suspense or solve those that were created before. Because of this, the description, the reflection on subjects that do not belong to the plot and the introspection are not so relevant in this kind of literature because they move us away from the emotions we aim to produce through the events in the story. Instead they are important for literature in general because they allow it to accomplish its purpose of inquiring and producing an artistic portrait of human condition.

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